Monday, Nov 11, 2019


Attention members. Just a reminder that if you are sick or feeling sick please do not come to the gym until symptoms clear up. It spreads like wild fire in this setting.
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Every Person at the Gym

CrossFit 417 – CrossFit

Warm Up A-1 (No Measure)

Warm Up A-1

1min of Pogos or Single unders

20 lateral jumps

10 arm circles fwd/bwd

10 Scap Pushups and Pullups

40s passive hang

10 *Dowel stick Over Unders (each direction)

10 Double DB Push Press + 30s OH HOld

10 Hollow Rocks

Shoulder Press (4 x 4 x 80% 90sec rest )

Perform 4-8 Strict C2B Pullups on rest

Metcon (Time)

For Total Time: 28min Cap

21 Pullups

15 KB Box Step Ups 55/35

9 Bar MU

rest 2min

21 C2B Pullups

15 Burpees 2 Bar H/L

9 Double KB Box Step Ups 55/35

rest 2min

21 KB Box Step Overs 55/35

15 Burpee Bar MU

9 Double KB Hang Power Snatches 55/35
Total time including 4min of rest.

Scale: Bar MU to Jumping Bar MU or Jumping C2B Pullups.

Extend hips on box step ups but not required on the Box Step Overs

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