CrossFit 417 offers:

  • Group Classes are intense classes led by CrossFit Trainers using CrossFit programming and methodology.  All of the WODs are scalable, which means they can be modified depending on your ability and range of motion.  This means EVERYONE can do them, so you have no excuse!

  • Individual and Team Sports Performance/Athletic Development-strength and conditioning for all sports designed for both in- & off-season.  This program is specifically for middle school, high school, college & professional athletes and is programmed accordingly.

  • Beginners Classes are designed for those new to CrossFit. These classes are designed to be smaller so that you receive more focused attention. Beginners classes teach the basic fundamental movements and provide the best foundation for success in CrossFit.
  • Rowing/Endurance Classes are designed for you to be continuously moving for 40 minutes mixing cardio and strength together for a challenging workout.

  • Personal Training sessions introduce fundamental movements, provide one-on-one attention and serve as a basis for advancement. This program is written according to each person’s own specific goals.

  • Competitors Classes are designed for the experienced crossfitter (at least 1 year) who is interested in competing at the Regional level.

  • Open Gyms are available for you to work on skills, movements or choose a workout to do on your own.

CrossFit is unlike any other gym.  It’s a community that strives to inspire, motivate, encourage, strengthen and support those around us to be better and work harder. CrossFit 417 wants to reach out to our community and make a difference.  We want to provide opportunities for those that might not normally get them.  We want to create a passion for health and fitness in the Ozarks.  We want to develop area athletes that will go on to succeed in college, professionally and in life.  We want to make our community better. We can all be better.

If you’ve been thinking about trying CrossFit, but are scared-don’t be!  You have to start somewhere and we can help!  Your 1st workout is free, so come on in and give it a try!

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