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Personal Foundations

Don’t try to get in shape on your own. At Team 417 we can help!
Personal Foundations is a program for all members new to Team 417 and is essential to starting and succeeding in your  journey.

Included in Personal Foundations

  • 4 personal training sessions – tour and orientation, learn the movements, terminology and get some great workouts one on one with a Team 417 coach
  • Includes 1 month of unlimited group classes (including Endurance classes)
  • You can also come and try one Group Class for free. Check the class schedule and come just a few minutes early to sign a waiver.

We recommend you start with 3-4 classes per week. Be sure to stretch and drink lots of water. Just show up, we’ll help with the rest.
Each Group Class is led by an Instructor. Each day is a different workout. Everyone does the workout together, the coach will lead you through the warm-up, strength or skill session and a workout.
At Team 417, our classes are programmed by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. We focus on helping you with mobility, overall fitness, strength, endurance, nutrition and much more. We know you can do it. We can’t wait to meet you!
To schedule your Personal Foundations just call 417-380-3195.