Skinnyfit 4.26

CrossFit 417 – SkinnyFit

Warm Up A 10min to complete (No Measure)

160′ side slide L and R

20 x Pogos

20x mini band side steps (each direction)

160′ Single arm oh walk

45′ Power skips down 45′ back

45′ Back ward crab walk

60s KB front rack hold every 10s stand up

15 KB Swings

8 Strict t2b or knee raises

10 x Clapping Pushups or reg

60s passive ring hang with weight

Accumulate time in a Squat while coach goes over the Workout!


Emom – 27 minutes

1. 20 air squats + 8 push ups

2. 8 deadlift + 6 shoulder to overhead 75 lbs

3. 8 box jumps + 20 sit ups

Example: 30 air squats + push ups 1st minute. DL and shoulder to overhead 2nd minute. Box jumps and sit ups 3rd minute. Air squats + push ups 4th minute. Etc.

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