Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019


Attention members. Just a reminder that if you are sick or feeling sick please do not come to the gym until symptoms clear up. It spreads like wild fire in this setting.
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Every Person at the Gym

CrossFit 417 – CrossFit

Warm Up C-1 (No Measure)

Row 20 sec hard 20 sec easy x 3min

10 Burpee + Lateral Step Over Rower

12 Arch to Hollow from Rings

30s HS Hold or Push Up Plank

10 Inline Lunge + Thoracic Reach + Ham Stretch

10 Broad Jumps

5 KB Squats + 15 sec hold x 3

8 each way Squatted KB Figure 8s

20 x Alternating Leg lowering pressing fingers into the ground

6 Jumping Pullup + 3 sec lowering

Deadlift (4 x 3 x 85% 2min rest 30s max pushups on rest)

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 5min x 5 complete the following then rest remaining time.

For Time:

15 Double KB SDHP 55/35

50 DU


50’Plate OH Lunges 45/35

*If unable to finish inside the 5min. Lighten the weight or drop the reps. The goal is to get a great workout while doing sprint intervals.

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